Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Benise - Malaguena

Kisses in the Rain

Moist lips, beckon and gently
brush together, under a falling

Steam arises off gritty barrio
streets as our hearts make
love. Passion arises within,
as emotions have their say.

Holding, touching, kissing,
the mist surrounds us, as
we cling desperately to
one another.

Playful lips have awakened
sensual feelings from which
there is no escape.

Lost within a world of ecstasy,
as street lights wink,we stand
cara a cara, while our flesh
melts within the mist.

Both hearts pound, as alluring
lips lock in a torrid embrace,
unwilling, to let go.

Frank Solis Copyright 2017
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wishing You Were Here

In the early morning mist
I thought I heard you calling
out my name. But when I
turned around, only the
ghosts of your memories

How I long to hold you close
and feel your sweet breath
upon my face. To see your
smile lighting up my world.

If only you were here, we
could go to the little café
where we would sit for
hours and talk, looking
just like two fools in love.

Then we could walk to the
park and lay in the grass and
wait for each other to take
the first kiss.

Maybe we could lie in bed
together and listen to each
others hearts, beat for one
another, until the night
comes and makes us her

Then deep within the soul
of the barrio, we could make
love, and lose ourselves
within each others arms.

I wish you were here, every
moment of the day. Because
it’s just not the same to be in
love,  while your away!

Frank Solis Copyright 2016
All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 13, 2015

I Dreamed of You Last Night

After years of waiting for you to notice me
one day, you smiled at me. It felt so
wonderful to be known by you.

Your smile was as sunlight, and it took
away the darkness I felt inside. Instead of
gloomy days and gray skies, everything
became beautiful…

We dared to dream about the future and
visions of us walking together, holding
hands became routine, as thoughts of
lovely places, and star-filled  nights flirted
with my mind.

Music played, and laughter rang out as our
bodies glided across the dance floor, and  
sensual moonlight covered us with its magic.

In your eyes I could see the love you felt for
me was real. Then, as we raised our glasses in
a toast to our romance, shadows danced
within the fiery passion of our hearts.

Your words wrapped themselves around
my thoughts, like the silken skin of our
bodies touching each other for the first time,
and I felt like I was living within a dream.

But like all good things, everything came
crashing down with the whistle of a far-away
train, as it signaled the end of what was never
meant to be.

Our love was just a mirage of the night, and as a
tear fell from my eye, I wrapped my lonely arms
around the blanket, and let out a sigh cloaked in
misery and pain, in the realization that our love
had never been.

Frank Solis Copyright 2015
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Obsession of Love

I’m so lost in your love, that all I can think
of is being in your arms once more. The cold
wall I lean against reminds me of how good it
feels to be in your presence.

As I can’t wait to hear your lips whispering
softly in my ear. Whispers of love and passion
so tenderly spoken, that they almost feel like

Minutes seem like hours, as I long for the touch
of your moist lips upon mine. A shiver runs down
my spine, as I recall the fragrance of your body,
whenever you are near.

Soon we will be together again, but it’s never
enough. At work, or play, you are always in my
thoughts, even watching the children play you
are there beside me.

As I hear your footsteps approaching, and feel
your arms embrace me, I realize just how much
I need you, and how it feels to have you
next to me.

Arm in arm, we walk away together, but will
it be only for a few hours, or maybe just for
one night of romance? Love escapes me, it
eludes me, because only when were together,
is my obsession for you, completely satisfied.

Frank Solis Copyright 2015
All Rights Reserved

Monday, February 9, 2015

Romantic Love

Romantic love is the foundation of all existence.
The spark of life within a universe of darkness,
and the mysterious heartbeat of life itself.

It is also the basis, for the dreams of joy and
happiness which can be actually seen through
the eyes of the one you love.

Walking hand in hand, or admiring a beautiful
sunset together, or a passionate kiss at sunrise.
Sharing a concert together, where the music of
the heart is the only melody that really matters .

Whispers of promises, made and kept, engraved
upon memories of flesh and blood. Brave souls,
who dared to love with all their heart, and now
lie within the silence of the grave, still in love.

Intimate moments shared, by two people caught
within Cupids net, cast serene shadows upon
reflections of romance, woven upon the tapestry
of life.

Not even the sharp rocks, of disillusion where
countless broken hearts lie strewn about within
a sea of anguish; can stop the madness when two
hearts are pierced by arrows laced with a delicious
poison of love.

The taste of dew drenched lips fill the need to
savor feelings, as desire calls out to those
adventurous souls, who are brave enough to
venture into the sensual, fascinating, and
wonderful world of romantic love.

Frank Solis Copyright 2015
All Rights Reserved

Valentine’s Day Wishes 2015